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29 Portraits Project

I am 29. Which means I am currently in the last year (months!) of my 20s. This fact feels significant. I am coping by making lists and setting goals—things to do before I turn 30…

This project is one of those goals. Over the next several months (or, before I turn 30), I want to take portraits of 29 different people.

The parameters are loose—by the time I turn 30 I want to have portraits of (at least) 29 people. I am allowing myself to do group portraits for the project (photos of couples, siblings, families, etc.) as long as I also take individual portraits within the sessions.

Once ready, I will post my favorite portraits from each session to my blog. I will also link to all the portrait posts on this page (just click on the name of the subject).

Please check back soon (and often) to see how the project is going. Feedback (in the comments section of my blog) would be appreciated, too.

Portrait 1/29: Quinn

Portrait 2/29: Allison

Portrait 3/29: Joey

Portrait 4/29: Jane

Portrait 5/29: Haylee

Portrait 6/29: Naomi

Portrait 7/29: Ella

Portrait 8/29: Katie

Portrait 9/29: Olivia

Portrait 10/29: Greta

Portrait 11/29: Molly

Portrait 12/29: Lindsy

Portrait 13/29: Jesse

Portrait 14/29: Amanda

Portrait 15/29: Jed

Portrait 16/29: Eleanor

Portrait 17/29: Russ

Portrait 18/29: Keith

Portrait 19/29: Leigh

Portrait 20/29: Kate

Portrait 21/29: Sam

Portrait 22/29: Meg

Portrait 23/29: Sammy

Portrait 24/29: Tim

Portrait 25/29: Andreana

Portrait 26/29: Alex

Portrait 27/29: Tish

Portrait 28/29: Christian

Portrait 29/29: Tyler

Portrait 30/29: Andrew