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Ally Egge Nelson

Seattle native living in Santa Cruz.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn't drawn to photographs (and by extension, to photography).

As a child, I spent hours poring over family photo albums and sifting through the photographs which were kept loose in cabinets in our den. I can see all the different photos my parents had framed in my childhood home. At other people’s houses, I always stopped and lingered in front of their photos—studied what moments were on display and how they were arranged. I still do.

My first camera was a turquoise plastic point and shoot. I was seven. After that, there were disposable cameras, a red camera which had a “panoramic” feature, my first digital camera, a borrowed film camera, several more digital point and shoots, then iPhones, DSLRs and the occasional return to plastic cameras and film.

I love looking at photos. I love taking photos. I love arranging photos. I love thinking about photos. I love developing photos. I love studying photos. I love imagining photos to take. I even have dreams about photos.

I have this recurring dream where my camera breaks or malfunctions when I go to take a picture. I remember having the dream in high school but it may have started even earlier than that. I guess it’s kind of a stress dream, but some of my wildest and most vivid dreams have been the dreams where I was carrying a camera. As a kid, I also used to have dreams about fires—house fires or rapidly approaching wildfires... In those dreams, I always chose to save the same two things: as many photographs as I could carry and the family dog.

In short: I love photography. It’s never far from my mind. It's something worth doing and something worth saving. It’s my oldest and strongest passion.

This is a place for me to explore that passion.

I also love running, mountains, cooking, travel, stories and sour candy.

Disclaimer: I take a lot of photos of our sweet rescue pup, Buckwheat, and I’ll always be a sucker for sunsets. Always.



1 - Self Portrait / April 2015
2 - Lake Tahoe / Photo by Christian Nelson / May 2015